Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Hi. So, news; I'm going to have a painting in an art show in Los Angeles this weekend. The show is at gallery 1988 and is based around that character in Alice in Wonderland named The Cheshire Cat. He was this tripped out purple Cat that could disappear, float around, things like that. He had this smooth voice and sang trippy songs and laughed for no reason. Awesome artists like Amanda Visell are in this show too. Darn, she’s good. Here is a flyer; she painted the painting on it.
Here’s my painting. I painted him right after he pulled his head off his neck. I mounted the painting on a piece of wood. It’s oil paint on panel and its 3x5 inches.


Joe White said...

nice! ..that Cat's crazy eh

r a z said...

did you render that out in maya or some shit cause that is looking sweeeeeeettt!!

bajel said...

thanks doggys.