Wednesday, December 13, 2006

me and my backyard

This was painted in conjunction with this painting. The series depicts me in front of unfinished gouache paintings saying stuff. The words were picked by Brett Amory. Here's a painting he did, that i own.


r a z said...

you always know what to say in those paintings..

mackenzie said...

hey bagel!
It's great to see your work. I've been drooling over your paintings this afternoon. Very cool stuff.
Are you planning on coming out to ny anytime soon?
I hope you're doing well


bajel said...

dude bob, you are too kind. thanks for checking this shit out. these blogs are like awesome yearbooks or something, bad analogy but you know what i mean. anyway i want to go to nyc as much as possible so ill get a hold of you guys the next time. maybe summer. say hi to dice!