Wednesday, January 03, 2007

my muse moochie

still kicking in 2007

here is one of my many paintings of mooch


mackenzie said...

hi nathan,
I hope you had a great new year. I just saw your comic about yourself. I love it. frickin brilliant.
have a good one

bajel said...

thanks man

Anonymous said...

Hi Bagel!
wow it's been a long time...we used to play lunchtime hockey together back at the lucas days. how are ya??? your work is great! say hi to scott, raz and joe for me.
Happy New Year!

verabee said...

That's a sweet dog. Very low to the ground.

dice said...

happy new year bagel boy!

I might be visiting SF soon. I hope to see you there.
Your paintings have been my inspiration. WOuld love to see some of the originals.

btw, why is it bajel? new name?

bajel said...

James! sweet man good to hear from you. ill say hi to the gang for you. Dice! bajel just sounds more exotic, just like me. call me when your out here man, same number. shoot me an email of you dont got it no more..

Gabe said...

I am loving your moochie painting muchly.

amber said...

Very Lucien Freud awesome!