Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hip Hop Thursdays

happy first day of february 2007. more art later.

Hi! It's me, Nathan Stapley. So I guess that video is'nt available anymore because it was just too awesome or something, God dammit I have good taste. I would try to find another video to put in it's place, but I think I will just leave this one here so you can see a tiny part of what you missed out on. Thats all! Thanks for stopping by, more art later still. Well, here's a shot of this one time my friend Clark lit my friend Gregs foot on fire (Greg was passed out from beer and being tired, he can sleep through a lot). My friend Jeff's wife Samantha, who's house we were at, got super pissed. I still feel pretty bad about it, even though all i did was take the picture which i must say is pretty genius. Considering the whole delay thing that most digital cameras are cursed with, I think i really captured that magical moment when burning sensation receptors are traveling from Gregs foot to his brain. The human body is truly a miracle.



enb said...

totally gotem all.

amber said...

I love your inventor painting best art i've seen in a while

bajel said...

thank you Amber

enb said...

that hot foots a real zinger-
well done.