Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Ladies

So, I'm bored and just wanted to write something that I've thought about from time to time over the past few years. I've noticed that most of my favorite painters out there today are consistently ladies. Sure, there are tons of dudes doing amazing stuff but for me, being into traditional painting (maybe more specifically figure painting) and wanting to see it move forward with originality and awesomeness, these ladies are doing the things right now that hit me the hardest. It seems that this has not always been the case. anyway, who knows but i just thought id share this amazing opinion that i have. So here's a few of my favorite girls who i think are by far kicking the most ass in the world of contemporary figure paintings, feel free to set me straight. ok, have a good weekend.

Jenny Saville

Ann Gale

Sophie Jodoin

Dana Schutz


JC said...

that jenny saville painting is, thanks for sharing these bagel!

Joe White said...

really nice! those are some amazing ladies all right

bajel said...

true to that homies

Alina Chau said...


Shauna said...

i just found your blog thru scott c's! remember me? i got moochie #5.. he says hi. anyway, i completely agree and you just posted 4 of my favoritest painters. awesome!! i took a class with jenny saville and she is amazing. i hope you are well, and you already know i love your work.
~shauna :)

bajel said...

hey thanks Shauna. i would love to hear more about that class. WH boyee! hope youre good and your paintings are sweet!

steve patton said...

Holy Crap!!! The painting of Ann Gale is amazing. I love it.