Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Save the Waves

Hi there. News flash. So tomorrow night (Thursday march 15th) I'm going to be participating in an art auction to benefit an organization called Save the Waves. they are an awesome organization that rescues different surf spots around the world from being destroyed by whomever might destroy them. this is from their website:

Our Mission
Save the Waves is an environmental coalition dedicated to preserving the world's surf spots. Our goal is to preserve and protect the best surfing locations on the planet and to educate the public about their value. Save the Waves works in partnership with local communities, foreign governments, and other conservation groups to prevent coastal development from entering the surf zone.

Here is a wave I've enjoyed that some people are planning to destroy down in Mexico;

So it's a good cause for everyone and if you live in the city you should check it out there'll be a bunch of artists participating, and ill be contributing the original art from that one t-shirt design i made a few posts down (pre-photoshop). It's at 111 Minna, a gallery here in the city.
hope you can make it, sorry for the short notice.

March 15th at 111 Minna

DJ Paul McNitt
Aaron Pope
Dean Samaras

*Very Special Guest*
Front Porch

$10 advance/ $12 at the door

6pm to 2am

Surfing Art/Photography/Videography
Multi-Media extravaganza
Silent Auction and raffle
Environmental Action and Community development


enb said...

Im envious of your record of public service. Bravo.

Ian said...

Tried to say hi but there were flocks of folks around you every time I approached. My friend Dean won the bid on your Aqua piece. He's SUPER stoked man. Cool show. Shred!

pushingtide said...

Hopefully some pics come from the debauchery.

bajel said...

no way Ian, awesome! tell you're friend Dean that he's the best. I haven't heard back from the peeps yet who put it together so i had no idea. stoked to hear that though. you should have said hello, those people that were around me were probably just my drunk friends. would have been stoked to see you. also i thought i saw you at java beach yesterday and almost made a fool out of myself, cool man. i should have taken some shots pushingtide but im bad with the camera, i miss my little inconspicuous digital that i used to have...

ian said...

Oh word money!
That was me at JB yesterday!

bajel said...

no way jose, couldnt have been you this cat looked alot older. he had a red hat like one ive seen you wear though. it was also sunday

Patch said...

A good cause and art, always agood mix!

Tony M said...

Well played dooder - This is a great cause and a big inspiration

PS -you're rad -hope to see you at a show next time i'm home