Monday, April 16, 2007

New News is Good News

hi, so tomorrow, Tuesday April 17 I will be participating in the 3rd annual "i am 8-bit" show at the prestigious Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles California. There will be many awesome artists participating in this show, if you live in LA you should go and look at it. Jon M. Gibson was/is the curator for these shows and an all around great guy. let's take a second to look back and reflect on my awesome history with this show, shall we?

8-bit 2005



was'nt that fun?

also this Saturday, April 21st i will be participating in another show at Gallery 1988 but this time in San Francisco, California. It will be the grand opening for this new and awesome gallery. again many great artists will be showing works of their art. This show coincides with APE, or the Alternative Press Exposition. This is a comic book convention where people go to show things that they have made, mostly. If you go, look for the 'Hickee' table and say hello to me and my friends. flyer

ok bye for now.

PS. there is another show ill be participating in this month, but it's in Canada so you might not be able to make it, but if you live in Montreal or anywhere thereabouts you should attend, because your brain will be overloaded with amazing paintings involving musical aesthetics painted by the Hickee collective (i just made that collective part up, we are not officially a collective yet, the papers are still going through, ha!) heres the flyer for that one.



Sori said...

hi, it's sori.
just want to say hi.. :-)
how is everything?
hope all is good.

Traut said...

Guess i will have to come to the show in SF to see your 2007 painting... Traut

JC said...

these are great...i'm glad you posted the older the asteroids and qbert!

bajel said...

thanks guys..hi Sori! hope to see you guys this weekend.

bajel said...

oh shit trout. its 2007 isnt it..ill change that. wow

pushingtide said...

You bitch! I work down the street from that LA show last night and the line was wrapped way down the two blocks. No one was moving. Walked by and it looked so cool. Damn. Next time. You still in LA. Surf sucks this week, too much wind. Next time.

bajel said...

PT! i didn't make it down to LA last night for the show. and yes i hear these shows get super crowded, crazy. there hasn't been much ride able up here for like the last month spring is in full effect. heard you guys have been scoring though lately..

Joe White said...

YES!! ...Green Hat rules

bajel said...

thanks jdubs.

r a z said...

you are the greatest painter that is, was, and ever will be!!

bajel said...

thats really nice of you to say raz. lets make out.