Monday, July 16, 2007

Art show tomorrow night in LA (july 17th)

I can't go down to see it, but maybe you can go. Like, you might live in LA or somewhere close to LA. Maybe you would like to see these paintings in real life, which usually makes for a better painting watching experience. Anyway, heres a couple of paintings I made for the art show that is all about movies, which is cool, cause i love movies. I depicted Deliverance and the ending of Dannie Darko. ok hope you're good. heres an awesome flyer for said art show tomorrow night.



Joe White said...

these are both awesome Bagel!! is Dannie Darko worth watching? i've never seen that one

grickleguy said...

I just watched it the other night eh.

I'd say it's worth checking out. Pretty bizarre film. I watched the "Director's Cut" so I don't know how different it is from the regular one.

I liked the soundtrack a lot. Not so much the 80's pop tunes but all the atmospheric stuff.

bajel said...

you may like it jw..

JC said...

great paintings dude! totally captured that scarry kid playing the Banjo. i'm spooked!

bajel said...

thanks jc man