Friday, July 13, 2007

my buttons about me

So anyway I make this comic, its a web comic actually. i try to do one everyday, but it usually varies anywhere from 0-5 times a week. i make it here where i work, double fine productions, we make video games. well, video game really so far, but we're making another awesome one right now even as i write this. yeah so ive been doing this comic since the year 2004 and its fun. so to commemorate i suppose, Tim (boss) wanted me to make buttons just like Scott did, who is my art director and fellow web comic maker. here they are.

these are the comics that the buttons are from. left to right and then left to right again;
mcam #50
mcam #293
i draw myself a lot and its me from a recent one #297
mcam #49


Joe White said...

"SON OF A....bitchin' pins !"

nitsuj said...

that lizard always cracks me up

littlebird said...

nathan may i have an iguana button?


nitsuj said...

whoa, weird, haven't been on your blog in a long time and laughed at the lizard and was going to write the same message i apparently wrote awhile back. twilight zone shit going on here.