Wednesday, November 28, 2007

happy holidays

hello i have been on vacation for a while but here is some stuff i've done whilst on vacation. i drove to new york to stay with my friends the berry's. it was fun and im driving back to sf today. so heres some paintings and the first page of my new comic in hickee #4 plus the cover i did for hickee #4 volume 10(or something), coming in december. also a new years drawing for THIS SHOW, happening in LA very soon. the gouache paintings on bad cardboard are mt. rushmore and a mountain in the big horn natnl. forest. ok catch you later. stay sweet.


JC said...

dude...those are all nice...and the Hickey Cover - awesome!

M. Denmark said...

Hi Nathan! great work!!

cgyoung said...

Man,...I've always loved your art!
Great stuff...really inspiring!
long time no see.

ethan said...

sound like a most excellent adventure! Loved your clip in the Vice video in front of mollusk in brooklyn. shred.

windo said...

good seeing you in ny. that was a killer dinner at japanese place. will look you up at your next show in LA.

Ian Ernzer said...

good to have you back nathan. when's the next show?