Monday, June 09, 2008

Yokai in You're Eye

Is the title of a group show that I will be participating in this weekend. The show is in Florida, and I'm telling you now (5 days early) so you can start hitch hiking over there to see my 2 paintings. Be safe. I'll post them for you here if your not into hitch hiking, but im sure you are if you read this tough blog.

The name of the gallery is Bear and Bird gallery. Great name for a gallery imo.
thanks gang.

PS. want to know what Yokai is? like i did when i first heard that word and didn't know what it was? than check out Wikipedia! can you find the ones that i painted?


Joe White said...

Bagel these are terrific. Both of em'.

bajel said...

thanks JW!

Anonymous said...

I like her, she reminds me of Parker Posey.

bajel said...

i see what your saying. thanks man or woman, Parker Posey is one of my favorites.