Friday, January 07, 2011

hi everybody!

Hi Dr. Nick! (The Simpsons) Hey, I'm in an art show tonight in LA at Gallery 1988! the theme of the show is comedy and comedians and I painted the one George Carlin. Here, why not check out this you tube video and this painting that you can buy. Also pictured is a portion of an old painting i did of the dog Moochie. Also, happy new year my friends.


Jellyfish Opera said...

Where you been man? It's great to see an update from you!

Joe White said...

That looks Great Bagel!

Anonymous said...

Bagel........ I had no idea what your real name was.. It's always been "Bagel" I knew you did art but man YOU DO ART! GREAT STUFF!!! Fun to look up all your goods and check them out! I just loved it all! Very cool, Jeff Johnson ( Frank Jurado's room mate for years after Cheetah) Keep on trucking!