Art Shows in Cleveland, OH and the Northeast Ohio Area

Art Shows & Events are a multi-cultural way to bring people together to enjoy art and culture. Art forms include, but are not limited to, paintings, jewelry, glass, wood, metal, photography, pop art and street art. There are many art shows throughout the year in all cities. Loveland, Ohio is host to many great art shows, including the annual Jazz Festival, Artists’ Day, Art on the Street, and several other yearly art events. Here are details for each art show, and the complete shuttle information.

Jazz Fest is a four-day festival of music

They offer music and great food that takes place at Town Lake Park in Loveland, OH. This family-friendly show features diverse musical acts and vendors while showcasing new and unheard of art. Jazz Fest includes free live music concerts by local and national artists as well as a free concert by world-class jazz musicians. The Jazz Festival also features a free art market, and onsite artisans sell their handmade art during the festival.

Art fairs or art shows are a fun way to attract new talent and promote a local artist’s work. These events often include a variety of art forms, but usually focus on one style of art. Many times artists will display their works in a single setting, such as a gallery, while displaying some of their other art at the same time. Many shows also have a variety of local food and beverages available for guests. Here are some details for Loveland art and culture shows, including the full schedule of participating artists and events.

Loveland Arts Association and Art Show Complex

They host the annual Art Buyer’s Fair, one of the longest running art shows in the area. This seven day extravaganza includes a wide range of art shows, workshops, book sales, auctions, open houses, guest speakers, and special events. There is usually an opening reception free with discounted food and drink and a variety of local entertainment in the days leading up to the show. The show features local contemporary artists as well national and international talent. There is a schedule of participating artists available upon request, or for people who would like to sponsor an artist, the art show has several art sponsorship opportunities.

Free admission

The art forum in northeast Ohio offers free admission to its two week celebration, which features top local talent and artwork. Every Thursday, visitors are invited to attend the forum and mingle with the artists while enjoying live music, wine, and delicious food. During the last Friday of every month, the party becomes Loveland Art Gallery Co-Op Reception. The event is designed to celebrate the art community of northeast Ohio by presenting and encouraging new and visiting artists. Guests are invited to bring their favorite dishes and enjoy a picnic at the Fries L.. Park between the High School and the Gallery.

Cleveland Institute of Art is pleased to present the Cleveland Institute of Art’s first Friday Art Show. This special exhibition features exclusive art by local and traveling artists, guest speakers, and live music. The first Friday of each month is designed to encourage new and visiting artists in Cleveland and surrounding areas to display their work. For more information on future exhibitions please visit CIA’s website. Check back often for special information and updated schedules for future artist shows in Cleveland and the surrounding areas.

Art Shows in Cleveland, OH and the Northeast Ohio Area